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At Fingoweb, we understand the rapidly growing digital signage market and offer specialized services for building applications for TVs. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of clients who want to exploit the potential of modern TVs for video campaigns. We specialize in developing applications for operating systems such as LG Web OS, Samsung TIZEN and Toshiba Web OS, allowing us to reach a wide range of audiences through the most popular TV platforms.

Features of our TV applications

Compatibility with major operating systems

We develop applications optimized to run on LG Web OS, Samsung TIZEN, and Toshiba Web OS. This makes our solutions available to a wide range of users of different TV brands.

Specialization in digital signage

Our applications are primarily aimed at digital signage needs, enabling effective display of video campaigns. They are ideal tools for companies that want to stand out in the market and reach their customers in an innovative way.

Ease of content management

We offer intuitive content management interfaces, allowing our clients to quickly update their video campaigns without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

High quality playback

We make it a priority to provide high quality video and smooth playback of campaigns, which is crucial for keeping the audience’s attention and the effectiveness of the advertising message.

Technical support and updates

We understand the importance of keeping your application in excellent technical condition. We offer comprehensive support and regular updates to ensure that our applications always run smoothly and comply with the latest technology standards.

At Fingoweb, we believe that effective visual communication is the key to success in today’s advertising world. Our TV applications are designed and developed to maximize the effect of video campaigns, offering our clients reliable and effective tools to achieve their marketing goals.