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Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a startup in stealth mode - we give our clients the creative, technical and business talent they need to succeed.

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Our services

See what kind of services you can get by partnering with us - from product design to software continuous delivery

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  • Dedicated development  teams icon

    Dedicated development teams

    We provide an outsourcing service offering a team which includes developers, testers, analysts and project managers.

    We realize that each project is different, so we listen to your needs, advise and aim to efficiently fulfil your demanding expectations. We guarantee effective communication, professionalism, well-planned cooperation and an appropriately configured team to meet the project's requirements.

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  • Building tailor-made systems icon

    Building tailor-made systems

    Our developers create intuitive systems, which are easy to use, complete and in line with established principles

    The dedicated systems are highly familiar to us. We adapt the systems to further support the development of your business for many years to come.

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  • Web application  design icon

    Web application design

    Our designers will not only give your product a beautiful look, but will also focus on aspects of user experience (UX), as well as the usability of the application.

    The design process is based not only on best practices, but above all on the experience of our designers. At Fingoweb, we believe that great design is an iterative problem-solving process, which is why we talk to you, the customer, at every stage of implementation, trying to understand your need(s), in order to meet every challenge and offer the best possible solution.
    What does that mean in practice? The whole complex process will give your product an aesthetic and functional edge that will set it apart from others and delight the final users.

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  • Web application  development icon

    Web application development

    We will adjust to your requirements, as well as your needs, taking care of the front and backend of the created web applications

    Each project starts with understanding the client's needs. Therefore, before we write at least one line of code, we conduct a series of meetings with you, during which we discuss and clarify the scope and details of the solution. This stage ends when we are all sure that our work will last for years.

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  • Cloud  application icon

    Cloud application

    Our dedicated team will take care of the front and backends of the web application and ensure that the implemented solution is creative and effective.

    When deciding to build a website in the cloud, we not only guarantee the implementation of the system, but also ensure its constant development, configuration and ongoing support. Having a web application in the cloud gives you many advantages. Using the cloud infrastructure, we have access to the application from any device connected to the network and by constantly saving data in the cloud, we have access to fresh information. Considering the constant development of the project and the number of changes being made, new ideas are implemented faster and the project development cycle itself is much shorter.

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  • Server infrastructure  management icon

    Server infrastructure management

    We excel in the challenge of supporting and maintaining the server infrastructure in the company. If you need professional care of your server infrastructure, you've come to the right place. We guarantee continuous monitoring of server devices and services, coupled with ongoing assistance in implementing the configuration and expansion of server infrastructure.

    If you need professional care of your server infrastructure, you've come to the right place. We guarantee continuous monitoring of server devices and services, coupled with ongoing assistance in implementing the configuration and expansion of server infrastructure.

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Our portfolio

The software that we build takes our clients to the next level

  • Vheda Health

    Vheda Health is a U.S.-based company that specializes in providing medical and health care services.

    • development
    • health care
    • backend
  • New Campsite

    New Campsite specializes in the travel industry and offers vacation stays in modern Dutch-style homes.

    • development
    • UX/UI design
  • Diagmatic

    A comprehensive diagnostic system Diagmatic, which aimed to create intelligent tools for psycho pedagogical diagnosis of children and adolescents.

    • cloud
    • tailor-made
    • development
    • R&D

    Start is a residential developer based in Kraków. They have been designing, building and maintaining residential complexes for over 40 years.

    • web development
    • design
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Ready to get started?

Whether you are a Fortune 500 or a brand new startup - you will receive a team of experts and specialists, who will be suited to your needs and guide you through your technological progress.

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Our recommendations

See what our clients say about cooperation with Fingoweb

Trusted partner

„I have been working with Fingoweb for over 5 years. I appreciate them the most for their ability to understand the need from the business point of view, consulting and foreseeing the consequences of made descisions. All this makes sure that the web systems we receive from Fingoweb meet the assumed assumptions, are complete, intuitive and suitable for further development! I recommend Fingoweb to all who are looking for a trusted partner, who will support the technological progress of the company!”

Sebastian Horoszko Business Development Manager,

Professional company

„We consider Fingoweb to be a professional company with the cooperation going smoothly. Fingoweb is experienced and well organized in communication. They listen carefully to our needs, doing everything to make our expectations possible.”

Paweł Szałecki CEO, Muzola sp. z o. o.

Fingoweb are professionals and passionate

„I've had the (un)pleasure of working with over 100 IT companies, every one of them had some of the problems: untimeliness, poor quality, lack of invention, etc. Fingoweb was one of the few companies that did not have these problems. I recommend and will highly recommend, because a company is people, and those from Fingoweb are professionals and passionate.”

Marcin Zaborowski CEO,

Digital technology experts

„We have verified the skills and experience of the Fingoweb team and can honestly say they are digital technology experts. Fingoweb specializes in tailor-made systems, providing smart solutions to grow your business. Together we are building a system for remote media management throughout Europe, which stands out in the market for sensory marketing."

Łukasz Grudziąż Technical Manager, IMS SA

Trusted by many

We have worked with not only large Polish corporations, but also with ambitious startups from abroad like the USA, UK, Norway, Austria or Germany. What they have all in common is that they trust in us to deliver quality products.

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  • Sellizer
  • Innovation nest
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