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The Wayfinder app provides information that enhances the experience of shoppers visiting shopping malls. It allows consumers to move freely around the shopping mall, while giving access to information such as the latest promotions, variety of stores and restaurants, cinema repertoire or public transportation schedules near the mall.


  • Import of an interactive site map;
  • Integration of Wayfinder application with client's CMS;
  • Modern UI/UX design of the panel;
  • Development of store search engine - by categories, logo, name and tags;
  • User navigation to the desired store from the Wayfinder position;
  • Display of tenant promotions and gallery news.


Fingoweb’s team developed an innovative Wayfinder app, which clearly shows an interactive map of the mall with information such as current promotions, store categories, mall news, schedule of public transportation located near the facility, and cinema repertoire for the day.

Our graphic designers made changes and additions to the design mockups so that the user can intuitively navigate the application.

The Wayfinder application is integrated with both the CMS and the website. Moreover, the image is synchronized between the Wayfinder app, the mobile app and the website, so that the user has access to the same information, regardless of the chosen app.

The shopping center map is displayed to the user in a clear and intuitive way, so that the user can easily find the information needed at that moment.

The operations the user can perform while interacting with the map are:

  • Rotating the map with touch gestures;
  • Changing the displayed building level;
  • Finding a route to a selected store or special point, e.g., ATM, restrooms; using the route for unlimited or wheelchair users;
  • Displaying a store information card indicating stores that have a current promotion along with displaying the content of that promotion
  • Checking the schedule of public transportation around the shopping mall;
  • Reviewing the repertoire of movie theaters for the day;
  • Viewing the mall’s newsletter;
  • Checking how much time is left until the mall closes.

Moreover, the map has a natural screen saver enabled for up to 3s and is used as an advertising medium, where campaigns and materials are played in a loop.

Used technologies

In the project we used a package for displaying and manipulating 3D graphics for web solutions.

The 3D map is generated on the basis of SVGs widely used for presenting maps on shopping mall websites, which makes us avoid the whole process of modeling maps from the beginning. This also allows the graphic designer, without having to work directly with a programmer or 3D graphics creator, to design the look of the map himself, deploy special icons and decorations such as entrance signs or the street layout around the mall.

In addition, due to the use of web technologies, we have easy access to all the resulting benefits, such as manipulation of the entire UI of the application, not directly related to the map (for this requires additional knowledge of the library used and knowledge of working with 3D graphics).

Within the map itself we have the possibility of almost any customization of the animation and the objects on it, as well as manipulating their parameters such as size, color. Also, we can freely operate the camera, which gives us the possibility to aesthetically present gallery maps or animate previously statically presented flat maps.

During application styling, we used an approach based on Fluent Font Design, thanks to which we obtained an application that automatically adapts to the screen resolution, while maintaining identical proportions. This feature sped up the process of making any modifications.

Information is accurately displayed to the user, thanks to the installed 4k resolution touchscreen monitors.

Using the search engine, the user is able to find the desired store. The search engine has a built-in system of prompting the searched phrase, so only 2 typed characters are enough to receive suggestions of objects from the application. Once a specific store is selected, the user is shown a map along with the highlighted point and a basic information window.

You can meet the working Wayfinder system at Galeria Kaskada in Szczecin. The application is supported in three languages: Polish, English and German. There are plans for further implementations of the application in other shopping malls in Poland.

Scope of work
  • development
  • dedicated team
  • ux/ui design

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