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Whether you're a corporation looking to expand your project team or the founder of a startup, we'll provide you with a team of experts and specialists tailored to your needs and guide you through technological advances.

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Trusted by many

At Fingoweb, we specialize in designing and developing dedicated applications that combine innovation, functionality and intuitive use. Our team of IT experts is involved in every step of the application development process – from the initial design to the final implementation, providing solutions that are fully customized to the individual needs and requirements of our clients.

Web applications

Our web applications are characterized by high responsiveness and are adapted for use on various devices, which guarantees excellent accessibility and convenience for end users. We use the latest technologies and take care of optimization and security so that your web application is not only visually appealing, but also fast and reliable.

Mobile applications

We understand the dynamic development of the mobile market, so we develop Android and iOS apps that focus on smoothness of operation and ergonomics of the interface. Through deep analysis of user needs and the use of innovative solutions, our mobile apps provide an exceptional experience, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

TV applications

We also specialize in developing TV apps for businesses that operate as digital signage agencies. Dedicated TV apps allow interactive agencies to provide advertising campaigns on TV media in various locations such as shopping malls, gas stations, restaurant chains and museums. These specialized solutions offer a modern approach to advertising, making it possible to effectively reach and interact with a wide audience in public spaces.

Regardless of the type of application, our approach is based on working closely with you. As a result, we are able to thoroughly understand your business goals and deliver a product that not only meets expectations, but also contributes to your success in the marketplace. At Fingoweb, we combine a passion for technology with a commitment to our clients’ visions to create applications that truly make a difference.

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Our portfolio of developed applications

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a new startup, you'll get a team of experts and specialists who are tailored to your needs and guide you through technological advances.

  • Wayfinder

    An electronic panel with an interactive touch map located in many shopping malls in Poland.

    • development
    • dedicated team
    • ux/ui design
  • IMS Audio Player - Mobile App

    A mobile app for playing music in public places for free.

    • mobile development
    • ux/ui design
    • dedicated team
  • Formstack Sign

    A digital document signing application that allows you to sign documents on any device.

    • development
    • integration
  • Diagmatic

    Diagmatic is a complex diagnostic system aimed at creating intellectual tools for psychopedagogical diagnosis of children and adolescents.

    • cloud
    • tailor-made
    • development
    • R&D

Our recommendations

See what our clients say about cooperation with Fingoweb

Trusted partner

„I have been working with Fingoweb for over 5 years. I appreciate them the most for their ability to understand the need from the business point of view, consulting and foreseeing the consequences of made descisions. All this makes sure that the web systems we receive from Fingoweb meet the assumed assumptions, are complete, intuitive and suitable for further development! I recommend Fingoweb to all who are looking for a trusted partner, who will support the technological progress of the company!”

Sebastian Horoszko Business Development Manager,

Professional company

„We consider Fingoweb to be a professional company with the cooperation going smoothly. Fingoweb is experienced and well organized in communication. They listen carefully to our needs, doing everything to make our expectations possible.”

Paweł Szałecki CEO, Muzola sp. z o. o.

Fingoweb employees are professionals and passionate

"I had the (dis)pleasure of working with more than 100 IT companies, each of them had certain problems: untimeliness, poor quality, lack of inventions, etc. Fingoweb was one of the few companies that did not have these problems. I recommend and will strongly recommend it because the company is about people and the Fingoweb employees are professional and enthusiastic."

Marcin Zaborowski CEO,

Digital technology experts

„We have verified the skills and experience of the Fingoweb team and can honestly say they are digital technology experts. Fingoweb specializes in tailor-made systems, providing smart solutions to grow your business. Together we are building a system for remote media management throughout Europe, which stands out in the market for sensory marketing."

Łukasz Grudziąż Technical Manager, IMS SA

Trusted by many

We have worked with not only large Polish corporations, but also with ambitious startups from abroad like the USA, UK, Norway, Austria or Germany. What they have all in common is that they trust in us to deliver quality products.

  • Sellizer
  • VhedaHealth
  • metaltop
  • formstack
  • diagmatic
  • ims sensory media
  • ringier axel springer
  • talent bridge
  • koneser
  • Innovation nest
  • groupworks
  • mobiconf
  • daviesmeyer
  • ekolot
  • wektor wiedzy
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