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Formstack Sign is a simple, drag-and-drop eSignature solution that empowers businesses to collect secure digital signatures for their documents and forms from any device.

With Formstack Sign, organizations can capture legally-binding eSignatures via computers, tablets, smartphones, and even text messages.

Designed to move business transactions forward, Formstack Sign can convert any file type into a document that can be eSigned, or it can be paired with a document generation solution like Formstack Documents.


  • Upgrade of the application to the latest technologies;
  • Integrate the application with an external API;
  • Generation of authorized electronic signature;
  • Generation of active editable fields for selected documents.


Formstack Sign is the main electronic document signature application that allows you to send attachments, edit and sign them remotely.

The system guarantees three ways to sign a document:

  • Using a mouse or touchpad;
  • Using a touch screen, for example, on a mobile device;
  • Using a signature automatically generated by an API that independently selects a font for the user.

After uploading the document to the system, the user can edit the signature fields (e.g., signature space, initials, and date). After passing the configuration stage, users can send out an email asking a recipient to complete and sign the document. Moreover, the user can set up notifications for their recipient to speed up obtaining completed and signed attachments.

The system user has access to a panel where they can manage uploaded documents and also have a view of their playback history and collected signatures.

Formstack approached the Fingoweb team with a request to develop and update the Sign application. After analysis, we decided to rewrite the application from Angular to React. The application is still being rewritten module by module, so to avoid holding it up, we implemented the Launch Darkly tool to manage Feature Flags. This allows us to merge two system versions – older and more recent – so that selected modules are not disabled.

During the the work, we encountered several bugs in the backend of the application, which we were able to fix. In addition, we gave users access to integrate with the Sign application through the API. Last but not least, we performed a refactor of notification emails to refresh and give communication a new look.

The Sign application features:

  • document Upload;
  • document Segregation;
  • adding editable fields to a document using Drag and Drop;
  • searching documents by keywords;
  • collecting electronic signatures from recipients;
  • uploading your document templates;
  • access to uploaded document statistics that show such data as number of documents completed, number signed, number sent for signature, number archived, and more;
  • notification system;
  • integration of the application with Gmail and Outlook;
  • reused form that allows you to share a document without having to provide the recipient’s email. A special link is generated, which, when clicked, asks for verification in the form of a PIN code (it is sent to the recipient’s email, which was entered in the window). This is a great option for documents that need a large number of signatures and do not have a database of addresses, such as government petitions.

Scope of work
  • development
  • integration

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