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By leveraging integration with OpenAI, can deliver a snapshot of information regarding the submitted offer within seconds. The description includes the strengths and weaknesses of the business offer, along with explanations and references to industry trends.

The functionality of utilizes a proprietary prompt and advanced features of the GPT model.

But that's not all – an additional goal is to promote good business practices for sales representatives and to promote our partner:

Key Features

  • Integration with GPT allows for quick implementation.
  • The proprietary prompt is prepared by industry experts.
  • Analysis results for the end user appear within seconds.
  • It's a great way to generate leads and spark interest in the service.
  • The cost of implementation is significantly lower compared to building your own model.


The process is straightforward – upload your business proposal in PDF format, and within seconds, you will get useful tips on how to improve it. The feedback comes instantly, and there’s no need to log in or fill out any forms.

One of the secondary goals of is to promote good sales practices that help sales professionals and to promote our partner, as mentioned above,
Applications based on integration with a language model are a great idea for promoting business services, and tools provided by OpenAI allow for quick fine-tuning of models and integration through APIs.

Our experienced specialists build tools based on integration with GPT, including applications such as AnalizaOfert.

Your business can utilize integration with GPT to:

  • Automate customer service.
  • Create content, summarize long documents.
  • Provide personalized recommendations.
  • Analyze data, such as customer feedback.
  • Convenient and cost-effective website localization.
  • Support the creative marketing department.

There are more solutions! Reach out to us and ask what we can do together.

Scope of work
  • AI
  • GPT
  • AI Tool

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