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Futbolowa Liga Szóstek is a six-team amateur soccer league that organizes soccer matches in the Krakow area. It is the biggest sixes league in Poland and is part of the nationwide Interleague.

Project requirements:

  • Improving the client's web application
  • Refreshing the website and aligning it with the new corporate identity
  • Migration of data


The Fingoweb team joined the Futbolowa Liga Szóstek as another football team, ready to compete on the field. However, it was our programming skills that caught the attention of the FLS. They discovered that we can do more than just play football well, we can also develop excellent applications. The Futbolowa Liga Szóstek decided to entrust us with the task of modernizing their web application.

Before we got to work, the Fingoweb team conducted a thorough analysis of all the client’s needs and prepared a detailed Software Requirements Specification for the project.

Our goal was to provide the highest quality of service, so we focused on automating the processes in working on the application. As a result, we were able to meet the client’s goals more effectively and deliver a solution that would bring noticeable benefits to their business.

The Fingoweb team provided services in the following areas:

  • building a CMS system for game management,
  • designing a modern application interface,
  • building a referee module, allowing to manage matches in real time,
  • expansion and improvement of the user menu on the public website,
  • data migration.

CMS features:

  • Creating a dictionary of leagues – with a single click, the client can create football seasons, assigning leagues to them.
  • Automatic ranking – works on the basis of 5 criteria: points, direct match score, goal difference, number of scored and wins.
  • Creating and arranging competitions – the client can create competitions manually, filling in a special form, or automatically – the algorithm itself will catch the teams entered for the season and prepare the order of competitions.
  • Teams – the possibility to create teams, giving them such parameters as: the name of the team and information about it, team crest and photo, list of players or the city from which they come.
  • Add venues – the client has the ability to specify in which venues he organizes football matches, giving them a name of their own, creating descriptions, specifying the location and adding photos!
  • Matches for today – the table shows information, such as the time of the match, the score, the name of the hosts and guests, and the facility where the match will be held!
  • Statistics – the customer has the ability to mark players with cards, number of goals and corner kicks, so to grant negative or positive points later. He specifies the values and names of the events individually.

Development of the application was done using the following technologies:

PHP, Laravel, GraphQL, Docker

React.js, Typescript, Next.js, Apollo GraphQL

Scope of work
  • sport
  • CMS
  • web application

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