Functional mockups, also known as wireframes, are a key stage in the design process of applications and websites. They allow for the visualization of information structure, element hierarchy, and basic user interactions with the product.

These mockups are usually presented in the form of simplified sketches that focus on the placement of main components and functionalities, rather than on visual details. This enables designers, developers, and stakeholders to quickly iterate and test various concepts before moving on to more costly stages of design and implementation.

Functional mockups are an invaluable tool for communication and collaboration, enabling the design team to identify and solve potential usability issues at an early stage. They also serve as a foundation for more detailed user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, resulting in more thoughtful and cohesive products. Implementing functional mockups in the design process allows for a better understanding of business goals and user expectations, which is crucial for creating effective and useful digital solutions.