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No matter what store engine we used, Fingoweb always took the initiative and challenge to integrate it into the system.


  • integration of various shopping engines with eKomi system;
  • the lack of built-in modules in the eKomi system;
  • making a custom system that allows you to integrate several online stores.


The main goal of project was to integrate various shopping engines with eKomi system. The main problem we faced was the lack of built-in modules in the eKomi system for engines such as Idosell, Shoper, Atomstore etc. In order to fully utilize the potential of the eKomi system, which is used to collect opinions, we have created a system that allows us to integrate multiple online stores on the same shopping engine.

The Symfony Console was used during the development of the system, which allows us to easily add more online stores. We developed a system that supports multiple shop engines and allows us to add new online shops with just one command. To use the feedback system with the new shop, the customer only needs to provide their credentials to the store.

We recently managed to implement an interesting feature that allows us to add new stores from web applications instead of the symfony console. We currently run the application on multiple servers (HA – High Availability) so that if one of the servers fails, the system remains available 24/7.

The system is continuously delivered and updated with new store engines that are setup with new stores within existing modules from 2019. Over the years we have managed to support numerous stores and 12 store engines.

Scope of work
  • development
  • ecommerce
  • integration

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