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Our system allows patients to take care of their health and prevent hospitalization treatment, so patients can save more than 80% of medical costs.


  • building a backend of an application that retrieves data from patient monitoring devices;
  • creating a web application for caregivers;
  • arranging and conducting medical consultations online;
  • ability to share educational materials.


Fingoweb created the Vheada Health system by creating the an API for the mobile appplication, as well as the frontend and backend of the application for medical experts. Cooperation began in 2014 and continues to this day.

Each member of the Vheda Health program receives a kit with health monitoring devices such as a glucose meter, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor or thermometer. The devices are properly connected and integrated to send the patient’s results and data directly to the system. The patient receives real-time recommendations and instructions on how to act from the health consultants to prevent deterioration.

Using the system, specialists can make appointments with patients for online consultations, use dedicated chat, manage their calendar and monitor patients’ health. The system restores consultants’ access to patient data such as blood sugar levels, heart rate, weight, blood pressure and even the type and amount of medication taken. The acquired data is shared with a personalized health care plan specifically designed for the patient’s conditions and needs. Thanks to the plan, the patient knows what actions he should take to take care of his health.

The backend of the system is developed using the following technologies: PHP, CakePHP and MySQL.

Scope of work
  • development
  • health care
  • backend

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