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The Talent Bridge tool is used by more than 80 satisfied clients such as Deloitte, ING, Link, Grupa Pracuj, Grupa Żywiec and others.


  • Taking over the old system after the previous software house,
  • Bugs in the application - finding and implementing solutions,
  • Maintaining and supporting the application.


The Talent Bridge tool helps to test the competencies of individual candidates, when recruiting for positions. Competency testing is conducted in the form of specially tailored tests, which the candidate completes remotely. The user receives an active link, with access to the test, matched to the level of qualifications required.

Talent Bridge offers the following tests:

  • Analytical Talent – analytical tests that evaluate candidates’ competencies in areas such as Controlling, Finance, Data Analysis or Accounting. These tests allow employers to check skills such as: analyzing and interpreting charts, graphs and other forms of numerical data representation; the ability to compare and determine relationships between data; estimating future results based on posted figures.
  • Logical Talent – Logical tests that evaluate candidates’ competencies in areas such as Programming, Engineering or Electronics. The tests check skills such as logical thinking, understanding relationships between processes, and finding missing value in a logical process.
  • Excel Talent – it tests skills of using the Excel tool. This is the only application on the Polish market that tests knowledge in this area. Tests of this kind are divided into 7 modules including, among others: appealing forms, creating, building and searching functions, conditional formatting, performing data filtering and sorting, creating and filling custom lists, creating tables and pivot charts.
  • Sales Talent – tests that identify the ideal marketer for a particular company.
  • Language Talent – language tests that check the level of English or German in several areas: listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.
  • Learning Agility Talent – tests that identify leaders among candidates for management positions.

The tool uses IRT (Item Response Theory) technology, which analyzes a candidate’s individual responses to given questions and, based on their behavior, adjusts the difficulty level of the test to match their knowledge.

Talent Bridge has approached the Fingoweb team to take over the operation and maintenance of the web application, replacing its previous software provider.

During the adaptation of the application, the Fingoweb team actively improved the functionality, rapidly implementing innovative solutions that contributed to improving the quality of the system’s performance.

Over the coming months, it is planned to implement a new version of the application with a refreshed design.

Scope of work
  • development
  • maintenance
  • support

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