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Sellizer offers a product that comprehensively supports the sales process in enterprises. The tool can integrate with CRM and through automation, accelerates the work of salespeople.

With Sellizer, the salesman no longer has to ask the question "Did you manage to read the offer?" and receives valuable information about the offer recipient's behavior.


  • no way to confirm whether the customer has properly read the sent sales offer,
  • putting a sales agent off by a potential customer,
  • the extended process of selling a product or service,
  • lack of customer feedback.


The main solution that was proposed, as a result of the cooperation between Fingoweb and Sellizer, was the creation of a tool for the prediction, analysis and automation of sent business offers. In order to shorten the sales process, the system is based mainly on the conversion of PDF files to formats that allow viewing and analyzing offers in any web browser. Thanks to this, each sales representative can find out when the customer read the offer and how much time they spent getting to know it.

In the process of developing the product idea, we went through the following stages of implementation and development. First, we realized the so-called proof of concept, checking whether we are able to technically implement the concept. After a successful analysis, we proceeded to create MVP. The product was accepted by customers and investors, while obtaining funding of 800 thousand PLN for its development. Thanks to the granted funds, we were able to move on to the implementation of the idea on the market.

Sellizer allows you to efficiently respond to the customer’s interest in our offer, thanks to extensive statistics. Moreover, the applied machine learning technology makes it possible to predict offers, answering questions such as when an offer should be sent and how it should be designed in order to be most effective. In addition, we have created the plug-in Sellizer, which allows you to integrate your CRM systems with the tool. The plug-in can be installed on any web browser, where it smartly synchronises the contained data and information with the Sellizer system.

The benefits of using the sales automation tool include the proper selection of leads, automation of sent offers, receiving notifications about the opening of offers by customers along with the included statistics, and effective management of sales teams in the implementation of sales processes.Our software house also proposed an appropriate visual identification of the product and took care of a simple user interface, allowing for easy navigation of the system

Scope of work
  • tailor-made
  • ux & design
  • development
  • infrastructure

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Marcin Zaborowski CEO,

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