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Koneser Praga Centre has created an educational path where the main theme is endangered animal species. At the Koneser Square in Warsaw from 22 April, participants have the opportunity to track down 20 animal species, such as the Javan canary, African elephant, Indian rhinoceros, cheetah or penguin. The event allows to experience an amazing adventure, during which children and parents have a chance to spend time together in an interactive way.


  • development of QR codes;
  • allowing to save discovered animals on the user's smartphone


The Fingoweb team has created a simple system where, based on QR codes, users can collect discovered animal species. After scanning a sticker with a QR code, a new found animal and its detailed description is displayed on the phone screen.

The system is browser-based, so there is no need to install a mobile application. Additionally, the system uses cookies and local storage mechanism to save the found animals on the user’s mobile without the need for registration and login.

As a reward for tracking down all species, the participant is congratulated for completing the challenge. During the coding process, our programmers used JavaScript and jQuery library.

Scope of work
  • mobile
  • development

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