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Ekolot is a Polish aircraft manufacturer based in Krosno which specializes in designing and manufacturing ultralight aircraft in the form of amateur-built kits and ready-to-fly aircraft. The company was established in 1995 and its founder is Henryk Slowik. Over 250 ultralight aircraft were sold in 20 years.


  • designing a modern visual interface that meets the expectations of the client and the target group;
  • highlighting the main product,
  • presentation of technical content in an understandable way for the site viewer;
  • clear indications of interest in the product from foreign customers,
  • an easy-to-read presentation of configurations with various Rotax engine options.


Before starting the design, we conducted a detailed analysis of the competition from the aviation industry in the context of visual solutions and usability. As a result, we were able to indicate the most important areas that should be presented on the website, determining their hierarchy of importance.

The design process started with the preparation of two different graphic lines, which were then evaluated. As a result, one of the graphic lines was chosen as a base for further implementation. As part of further works, a complex realization of the website was carried out, which included the preparation of 15 graphic models together with RWD and the design of UX/Usability solutions.

The implementation of the proposed solutions made it possible to present “Ekolot” as a modern and innovative serial manufacturer of ultralight airplanes. The entire project was programmed using the WordPress CMS. The website allowed the recipients (potential and actual customers) to learn more effectively and quickly about Ekolot products along with their detailed construction descriptions on each type of device on which the website is displayed.

Scope of work
  • development
  • web design

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