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CityTour is a European travel agency. The company's headquarters is in Austria.


  • building a new CRM system from scratch,
  • processing large amounts of data,
  • importing archived data into the new system,
  • easy to use system for external users.


For many years CityTour has been managing tourist offers and invoices with Excel. Unfortunately, the excessive amount of files and data proved to be troublesome in organizing effective work. CityTour generated the need to create an offer management system that can handle a lot of data and is easy and understandable for employees. An important aspect was to import archival data into the newly created system.
CityTour cooperated with company from India before working with Fingoweb. However, the client resigned from the cooperation, due to the long process of creating the system. Fingoweb created 3 main modules within 3 months, which allowed the client to abandon the excel files to a fully dedicated system.
It should be emphasized that we did not use modules partially programmed by a competitor from India. We built the whole offer management system from scratch. The created system, which manage offers, orders and invoices, is a multilingual project.
It operates in such languages as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. Created e-mails to customers are sent automatically in the appropriate language.

Over a period of months the system has been extended with the following features:

  • Automation of e-mails, where the client can automatically send several e-mails at once to the system users
  • Panel for providers, to organize transport in Europe
  • Automatic generation of PDF files
  • Integration of payments in Payrex system
  • Location coordination on the map using the API.
  • Interactive transport map using OpenStreetMap API

The presented graphic design is a concept, created by our team of UX/UI designers.

Scope of work
  • development
  • tailor-made

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