It is the most popular system of open-source type, suitable for managing and modifying relation databases. It helps organize the information with charts and quickly matches different data sources.

MySQL is a part of the toolkit needed for building an application called LAMP. American company Oracle Corporation develops it. 

In 1996 the official software version was released. MySQL is available on the open-source license. It means that the source code is shared legally, and anyone can participate in its development.  

One of the main advantages of MySQL is its effectiveness and speed of performance. The system can handle millions of requests per second in a database. Managing such large databases doesn’t imply any problems, which makes MySQL a solution willingly used by YouTube and Facebook. One more advantage is a mechanism that guarantees a high level of data security: different levels of authentication, SSL, and SSH protocols or encryption.

System for managing databases – MySQL is suitable for online shops but also very popular with web applications that process a lot of data, for example – WordPress.

In IT projects, MySQL cooperates with SQL language, responsible for requests to the database. It also works with PHP, Java, and +CC languages for writing web applications.

You can use MySQL, especially while working for the financial, telecom, and industrial sectors.