Popularity of web developers

The pandemic has caused many businesses to move to the online world to survive. The demand for websites and stores has increased massively, so the demand for web developers has also increased. In 2021, as shown in the report “IT job market in 2021” NoFluffJobs, Backend specialists were the most wanted and the number of offers for them increased by 160% over the past year. The next places belonged to Frontend and Fullstack specialists, and these 3 fields addressed 54.5% of all offers from the IT market.

Source: Report Rynek pracy IT w 2021 roku – No Fluff Jobs

Work for companies around the world

The IT industry has proven to be flexible and therefore resilient to the effects of a pandemic. The shift to home-office has made it possible to work for IT companies from all over the world. During the lockdown, remote working dominated, now – there is a choice: home-office or a hybrid model.

Competence more important than a diploma

The market still lacks versatile web developers. Home office opportunities have created a demand for Polish specialists. They are not inferior in competence to those from abroad. Web developer are dominated by technical graduates, but there is also a chance for talented self-taught professionals. The speed of finding a job and the salary depends on experience, skills, form of cooperation and location. To get promoted, it is worth spending time on development after hours (courses, certificates).

Which technology to choose?

According to the NoFluffJobs report, the fourth place among earnings in IT on a B2B contract, is occupied by Backend (14.7-20.1 thousand net + VAT) and Fullstack & Mobile (14-20 thousand net + VAT). The highest earnings in 2021 were achieved by specialists in popular technologies: PHP, Python and iOS. The dominance of trends is coming, such as: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Single Page Application (SPA), AI powered chatbots and Cloud Architecture.