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Here at Fingoweb, we offer a comprehensive AI integration service that enables companies to integrate advanced artificial intelligence models into their existing systems and applications.

We specialize in integrating with leading AI models to transform user interactions, automate processes and create new value by generating unique content. As part of our service, we provide integration with the following AI models:


This advanced AI model enables the generation of images and graphics based on text descriptions. Integration with DALL-E can significantly increase the level of interactivity of applications, offering users the ability to create personalized visuals and graphics, which is particularly useful in the creative and marketing industries.

OpenAI ChatGPT

This model specializes in generating texts that are understandable and natural-sounding. Integration with ChatGPT can revolutionize customer service and internal communication by offering automatic but uniquely human responses to user inquiries.

Open-Source LLaMA 3

As an open-source language model, LLaMA 3 offers flexibility and customizability to meet specific business needs. It is ideal for companies that need a more controlled and personalized AI implementation for natural language analysis and processing.

Open-Source Stable Diffusion

This generative model specializes in creating high-resolution images based on text descriptions. Stable Diffusion is an excellent tool for generating visual content that can support digital marketing, product design or visual education.

Integrating these advanced AI technologies not only enables our clients to automate many tasks, but also opens the door to innovation and creating new ways to interact with their customers and users. At Fingoweb, we ensure that every integration is implemented with the utmost care for technological compatibility and data security, and with an eye toward maximizing the potential of AI investments.