It is a framework created for PHP language. The crucial value of Cake PHP is that it makes building scalable web applications faster and easier.

Cake PHP is free software, available as an open source, updated, and developed by its community. It is based on a popular design pattern MVC (Model-View-Controller). In practice, it means that the structure of this framework consists of 3 layers – each can be modified separately. 

These layers are: model with logic, view – graphic part of the project, and controller – responsible for updating the other two layers after every user activity inside the app. As a result of this kind of performance, finally, a user gets a simple and easy-to-use application. 

If you think of building simple or advanced applications using Cake PHP, you need to know the basics of PHP programmer language. Cake PHP takes inspiration from Framework Ruby on Rails. 

It is so flexible that you can use the code already created and finally save much time. With Cake PHP, you get clear code and can easily add new features to the application.

Thanks to Cake PHP, the system’s architecture is well-designed. As a result of this, work becomes more effective. A crucial advantage of this framework is stability, the possibility to develop the application using modules, and well-prepared technical documentation.  

You can use Cake PHP for social applications as well as Enterprise.