If you’re interested in GPTs, you’ve come to the right place. At the end of 2023, OpenAI premiered this simple tool for creating your own applications using GPT. Check out a step-by-step guide on how to create your own GPT.

Table of Contents:

  • How to create GPTs? Step by step
  • How can I use GPTs?
  • OpenAI Platform
  • Our example: AnalizaOfert.pl
  • Solutions await

Using the GPT model to build your own tool is not a new idea. OpenAI lets you pick models, train them with your data, and use them through an API. But GPTs are unique, even if they work in similar ways.

GPTs are a basic way to create your own application that utilizes the GPT-4 model. If you like, you can fine-tune your Custom GPT with your data. The option to create your own GPT is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Below you will find:

  1. Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own GPT.
  2. Information about the differences between GPTs and creating your own solutions.
  3. An answer to what fine-tuning is.

How to create GPTs? Step-by-step guide

Here is an example of how you can create your own GPT. We have selected a GPT specifically designed to provide answers regarding the world population. To enhance its accuracy, we have incorporated up-to-date demographic data.

  1. Go to chat.openai.com.
  2. Click on > Explore GPTs.
  3. Select > Create in the top-right corner.
  4. In the new window, you can use the chat to create your GPT or choose the > Configure option.
    1. If you want to use > Configure – give your GPT a name, description, and optionally a prompt (Introductions).
  5. You can achieve the same functionality by configuring GPT through > Chat.
  6. Now add your data (simply upload a file with data in any format). In this case, we downloaded data on the world population in January 2024.

The data was downloaded from Kaggle.com, a community of Machine Learning and Data Science specialists. You can find databases there, some of which you can use further. For our test GPT, we downloaded population data.

And… we’re done! Check it out for yourself: World Population GPT You can add data in various formats, including texts, PDFs, and spreadsheets.

What is fine-tuning?

Imagine you possess a program capable of identifying images. Now, your objective is to enhance its ability to identify a particular category of images, like various species of birds. Instead of instructing the program from the beginning, you refine it by providing additional training using more intricate and comprehensive data.

This process is similar to learning new songs on an instrument you are already proficient in. You are not starting from square one – instead, you are improving your skills in a specific area.

A few words about Kaggle

The aforementioned Kaggle.com is a platform for machine learning specialists and enthusiasts where they can solve complex problems related to Data Science. The site offers prize competitions, a rich database for downloading, the ability to create and share code in Notebooks, discussion forums, free educational courses, and a job board. It is a popular place for students, researchers, and professionals interested in Machine Learning and Data Science.

FOR YOU: In some cases, you can find datasets related to your industry there that can help you create your own solution. Be sure to check the license before using them commercially.

How can I use GPTs, Custom GPT?

For now, GPTs have limited functionality and are mainly used to promote their services. The store features applications from Canva, KAYAK, AllTrails, and other more or less popular brands that reach new customers in this way.

Creating your own GPTs is a good idea if:

  • You already have an audience and a working solution that you want to promote.
  • You would like to be in the GPT store right away because you believe that future interaction with tools will look exactly like this.
  • You plan to create simple, non-public GPTs for your team (remember that you still load the data into a large, publicly available model).

However, it is a bad idea to:

  • Fine-tune the model with your customers’ and business partners’ data.
  • Create a tailor-made solution that is part of your core business or digital transformation process.

For the latter point, OpenAI offers other, more advanced tools.

OpenAI Platform

ChatGPT is just an interface for the GPT model, and OpenAI itself has various possibilities for interaction and utilization of their models. On the platform.openai.com domain, you will find tools that allow for more advanced work.

For example, you can fine-tune one of the models with your data and use the API to integrate it into your application. With experience and the right data, fine-tuning models is not complicated. Many applications that have emerged thanks to the popularity of ChatGPT work exactly in this way.

ANot just OpenAI few words about Kaggle

Contrary to popular belief, this is just one of the options available on the market. Google, Meta, Amazon, and many other tech giants have cloud-based model training platforms.

Google Vertex is a dedicated AI environment, and AutoML works very similarly to the GPT described above, but with much higher tuning, intervention, and subsequent application capabilities.

Note that the AutoML video was published 6 years ago.

Our example: AnalizaOfert.pl

An example of using the GPT is the application we created, AnalizaOfert.pl, which combines excellent GPT results with expert knowledge of offerings from Sellizer.io.

The MO is simple:

  1. You add a business offer in PDF format through a form.
  2. The model checks it for correctness, effectiveness, and generally accepted rules for creating business offers.
  3. The results appear in just a few seconds.

AnalizaOfert.pl is an example described above, which means using GPT and simple integration to promote services – in this case, an analytical tool from Sellizer.io.

Matter of decision

There are countless applications of models in business. Starting with an internal model trained on a company’s BI that answers employees’ questions through chat – such as whom to ask about time off or where certain files are stored. On the other hand, you will find simple GPTs – a great place to promote your services and generate leads.

If you have an idea for using AI in your business, be sure to write to us. We will advise and help you choose what is best for your company!