JavaScript Developer


ability to code in JavaScript,

knowledge of React or Angular,

willingness to learn new technologies and frameworks.

Nice to have:

good knowledge of React, GraphQL, Storybook,

good knowledge of CSS3 and HTML,

1 year of experience as JS DEV.

We offer:

the possibility of professional development and influence on project changes,

selection of technology for new projects,

selection of tools to suit you,

periodically internal training,

support of senior programmers (code review),

full or part-time work (preferred form of employment: B2B, but we also consider other forms),

working in the office or working remotely - it's up to you,

integration events, delicious coffee and a nice atmosphere in the team,

flexible working hours,

remuneration appropriate to your experience

How we work:

Version control system: GIT (Gitlab)

Building applications with one command? Yes, "git push" (Gitlab CI is doing the rest)

Do we build the application every day? Yes, every push builds an application!

Bug Tracker: Asana

Error Tracker: Sentry

Do we fix errors before moving on to new tasks? Yes!

Do we always have an up-to-date schedule? Yes, minimum of weekly status and schedule update.

Are we working with the specifications? Yes!

Do we work with mock-ups in Figma, XD, Sketch? Yes!

Do the conditions in the office allow you to concentrate? Yes! We know how important "flow" and "getting into the zone" for a programmer is.

What tools will you get? 2 24" screens, SSD, intel i5+, never enough of RAM + editor of choice (Atom, VSCode, Webstorm), operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux of choice)

Do we have testers? Yes!

We mainly work with the following tools and technologies:

Framework: React

Data layer: GraphQL, Redux, REST,

Tooling: Webpack, Node, NPM, Yarn, Storybook

Look: PostCSS, scss, styled-components, JSS, MaterialUI


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